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James Ketteringham

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Working with us

Victoria Recruitment are specialists within the Human Resources, Accountancy & Finance and Insurance industries – covering the whole spectrum of positions from junior roles right through to executive search assignments.

Our main selling point is the fact we promise you the dedicated time your vacancy needs. We are not here to hit KPI’s or send a certain number of CV’s. We are simply here to provide you an expert and consultative service which will result in you employing some of the best talent on the market.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and straight-forward approach to all we work on – everything is done transparently and to timescales agreed. In order to consistently win new clients, it’s obvious that we need to be the best you’ve worked with.

Simply, we save you time and money and ensure that you recruit only the best talent into your business. Working with SME’s through to large FTSE100 companies has given us a wide range of experience to provide full consultative advice throughout the process.

We take time to learn more about your business, future growth plans, the vacancy at hand and development opportunities for possible companies. This is usually done over the phone, or preferably a face to face meeting at your convenience.

It’s important for us to take as much detail as possible, this ensures we maintain a high level of suitability when moving to the next stage of the process.

Using a variety of tried and tested methods, we look to put together a bespoke shortlist of candidates for your vacancy. This includes usage of our existing candidate database, a number of popular job-boards, social media and making direct approaches to candidates (head-hunting).

This is our opportunity to sell your business, values and culture to candidates; all whilst ensuring they know exactly what the role realistically entails and what will be required of them.

We aim to submit a shortlist of 6 to 8 candidates to call vacancies – alongside full details of each candidate, notice periods, an overview of experience and other details not found on a CV.

It’s our duty to prepare all of our candidates for interview, this includes full interview confirmations, preparation, answering any questions, ensuring attendance and following up after to gather feedback. We can also provide guidance on the interview process if this is something you require.

Once you’ve decided on the candidate for the job, we look to act as the middleman whilst sorting and negotiating the offer. It’s critical that both yourself and the candidate are happy with the offer and both parties have agreed on the package, role and what is required of them.

Where many other agencies stop caring, we continue to stay in touch with yourself and the candidate to ensure both parties are happy throughout the first few months. In addition to this, we also look to send out a congratulations package to the candidate – feel free to add any of your own promotional items to this package to make the first week that little bit more personable.

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