When to hire a HR professional

James Ketteringham

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When to hire a HR professional

If you’re a very small business, the chances of you needing a HR        Manager are slim as you are usually the one to do the hiring and control the employees yourself – in addition to this, you probably can’t justify paying a specialist right now!

However, once your business grows to 50+ employees, it’s highly recommended that you consider hiring a HR professional into the business. Below this number and you have other options available to you, such as an outsourced HR function.

What are the signs you need to hire a HR professional?

1: You’re growing really fast – when you’re hiring a large number of staff, it’s not only nice to have someone do this for you, but when done by a HR professional you’ll usually end up employing better people. It’s the job of a HR professional to ensure you’re using all avenues to recruit, and they’ll likely have tried and tested methods of interviewing and shortlisting. They’ll also likely have a ‘talent pipeline’ in place, a plan to retain and reward and ensure you’re staying competitive within your market.

2: You’re struggling to communicate with your staff – If you need assistance in conveying your companies’ policies and procedures, the help of a HR professional would be beneficial. An experienced HR person will be able to discuss, risk assess and set in place agreed policies and procedures across the business, all whilst being that friendly ‘go-to’ person.

3: You’re not the best at dealing with people – Not everyone is cut out to deal with everyone’s issues, thankfully a HR professional tends to be an expert in dealing with people, surprisingly… HR will take care of all employee relation issues and report back to yourself.

4: You need help on the legal side – An experienced HR professional will likely know all you need in relation to employment law, if not, they’ll know someone that can help when required. If you’re recruiting a pro-active HR professional, you can expect them to prevent any issues before they escalate further.

5: You’re struggling to manage performance – If you feel as though you’re losing a grip on your employees’ performance, it’s time to bring in a HR professional who can monitor this across the business. They’ll ensure to meet with employees to discuss performance (good or bad) and highlight training or reward requirements. Staying on top of this ensures people within your business are operating at their best.

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