Retaining your staff beyond Christmas

James Ketteringham

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Retaining your staff beyond Christmas

Christmas is here, the holidays are upon us and everyone is happy. I’m sure most people will be forgetting about work for now, right up until the new year...

January blues is a real thing and we come across it every single year. This is a very delicate time for your employees and statistically when most start getting the urge to move onto a new position/career or decide they are now wanting to progress.

Recognising this and creating procedures to counter this will do wonders for your retention.

Tips to retain staff during the January blues.

1. Understand what your employees want

Salary is important yes, but a pay-rise or bonus isn’t always the key to retaining them. Research shows that an overwhelming 58% of UK professionals would take a pay cut in order to feel happier at work. Career development and clear opportunities are key to retaining staff, allowing them to seek the progress they desire or take on new responsibilities. This sits very well with the start of a new year and perhaps the start of a new chapter of their career within your business.

2. Demonstrate your values

If you have brilliant company values and people feel satisfied and happy at work – they are less likely to leave. Over 52% of UK professionals consider a company’s values to be a deal breaker when it comes to moving from or accepting a new job.

3. Please… Don’t remove holiday decorations on the last day of work.

We had to throw this one in here – if you’re asking employees to take down the decorations on the last day of December before you all leave. You’re just demonstrating your eagerness to get out of the festivities and back to work, reminding employees that January blues are soon on their way.

4. Allow extra time before the holidays.

Although spirits are high, people are always stressed in the lead up to the holidays. Allowing your employees a few hours in the month or some flexibility in their lunch will allow them to finish things off. Offer web-meetings during the holidays so that people are not having to travel in bad weather and so on. This will only increase the morale and productivity within the workplace.

5. Plan ahead for unproductive time.

The year-end is always generally unproductive during these last few weeks – make sure you plan for it and set realistic deadlines to wrap things up before close. This will help to come back refreshed during the new year and help re-iterate that ‘new start’ so many people are looking for.

6. Set new year goals.

Creating goals for the business and employees gives them something to look forward to and work towards when they are back. This will also help in getting the business moving again as soon as possible once January comes around. Busy employees won’t have time to sit and ponder whether the grass is greener on the other side.

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