Creating a positive culture within a business

James Ketteringham

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Creating a positive culture within a business

A company’s culture is its personality. Culture includes your organisations missions, values and beliefs to form the overarching spirit of your workplace as a whole; much like people, personality matters.

Having a bad culture has direct correlations to a higher staff turnover, low retention, increased hiring, training and admin costs. Not to mention the fact your company will eventually get a reputation of becoming a ‘revolving door’, which makes recruiting even more difficult.

How can I create a positive culture?

Define your culture

Deciding what sort of culture you wish to foster is one of the most important steps in creating a positive culture. Certain values and elements will be a natural fit to your employees/sector such as a casual environment, a fast-paced and high-energy office, an emphasis on professional development or perhaps a focus on giving back to the community are all examples of successful cultures within a variety of businesses.

Get social

It’s natural and encouraged to want to get to know your colleagues on a personal level outside of the office. Social interaction is one of the biggest factors in building a cohesive and effective team – whether that’s social events such as 5-a-side football, nights out or even a company sponsored getaway.

Reward and Recognise

We all work to ultimately do a good job – recognition for doing a job well done makes you feel valued and respected, this is critical for employee satisfaction. Recognition does not always need to be formal to be effective and once these become common place, the more positive and supportive your whole environment will be.

Emphasise Purpose

If people feel like a cog within a large machine, they are going to eventually leave for something they feel has purpose. To establish a winning culture, you need employees to see the bigger picture or greater purpose they are serving, as opposed to their immediate to-do list. ‘Step outside yourself and see the forest – instead of just the trees’.

Create a positive culture and you create happy and engaged employees. Happy and engaged employees means higher productivity, higher profits and a better reputation.

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