6 Tips For Writing Killer Job Adverts

James Ketteringham

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6 Tips For Writing Killer Job Adverts

A job description is NOT an advert. An advertisement is just as important as the adverts you see on TV, on billboards or even the ones you see online – in most cases, this is your only form of advertisement, so you need to be getting it right to attract the right candidates. Would you list all the ingredients of a cake, in order to sell the cake to someone? No, you would sell on the taste, smell and texture…

1: Creating a good first impression.

Your advert needs to firstly grab the attention of the reader, but you also need to keep them engaged throughout the advertisement. The more thought and energy you put into your advertisements, the better chance you have of attracting the high calibre candidates you require. Think of a carefully written opening paragraph.

2: Keep your contact ‘search friendly’

Candidates want to see job adverts relevant to them, this means they are likely to be searching on only few key words. Consider the type of queries your desired audience will be using when searching through job boards and use or reference these throughout your job advert.

3: Sell, but don’t oversell.

Candidates are wise to seeing ‘Earn 100K in your first year’ type of adverts – although you need to be selling your business on culture, development and so on, you need to be wary of overselling or being unrealistic.

4: Speak to your audience.

An effective job ad is NOT just a description, it’s a carefully crafted message with the aim of attracting only the best candidates and filtering out those who are not suitable. You need to speak to your audience directly and relate to them. View your job ad as a funnel; as readers make their way through your advert they are either self-ejecting themselves from the process or mentally ticking all the boxes because they are picturing themselves in the role.

5: Offer challenges and development, not rewards.

Although rewards are great, offering a challenge is more likely to attract those who are driven and ambitious, they see challenges as opportunities which is far better than someone seeing a list of rewards and being in it for the easy ride.

6: Tell them about your company, culture and future goals.

Candidates want to join positive companies with opportunities to progress. Explain these challenges and development opportunities as above – although salary is good to candidates, over 52% of UK professionals would take a drop in salary in order to be happy at work.

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